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5H pneumatic screwdriver Taiwan WYMA WM-3103

5H pneumatic screwdriver Taiwan WYMA WM-3103

Maximum torque
No load speed
Drive head size
Intake pipe diameter
Inlet pressure
Bolt capacity
Air consumption
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/  Product Description
WYMA pneumatic tools are diversified and complete in variety, including: pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic wrenches, wind guns, pneumatic die grinders, pneumatic engraved pens, pneumatic sandpaper machines, spray guns, pneumatic nail guns and pneumatic rivet guns, etc. product.

Double hammer striking structure
Small volume
High number of revolutions
Large torque and easy operation

It is especially suitable for high-yield industries. It is suitable for assembly line or maintenance of rattan, wood, motor, aluminum hardware processing, home appliances, automobile, motorcycle manufacturing industry.

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Foshan Nanhai Haiyirong Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. specializes in pneumatic tools for 15 years, mainly based on “WYMA” pneumatic tools.
WYMA pneumatic tools have a strong technical team, from technical advice to Product mold development, design and application, the selection of accessories, all from the sex Price to configure from the highest angle, provide one-stop service, lifelong dimension Protection. We have 15 years of practical experience, providing quality and perfect After-sales service has been praised and selected by many buyers!


WYMA pneumatic tools teamed up with over 1000 dealers, selling network radiation All over the country and Southeast Asia.
Factory main products: pneumatic screwdriver, toggle wrench, wind gun, pneumatic grinding Machines, pneumatic mills, spray guns, nail guns and pneumatic rivet guns.

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Customer service team
Maintenance team

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▶ The workers are busy with the stocking and delivery, and the online and offline dealers all unify the same day delivery.

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/  Product customization
We have a strong technical team, from technical consultation to product mold development, design and application, the selection of accessories, from the most cost-effective point of view to provide one-stop service, lifetime maintenance.

How to customize privately?

Communicate with wyma
Feasible plan confirmation
Customized payment
Customized product production
Customized product collection

WYMA pneumatic tools custom instructions

❈ The customized machine is a special product, it is not suitable for no reason to return the goods, and the custom process is entered immediately after the payment is made. The non-product quality problem cannot be returned or exchanged;

❈ Customized products, according to the complexity of the process and the production schedule to give a reasonable delivery date, we deliver within the agreed time, if encountering uncontrollable conditions, will delay delivery and notify the customer;

❈ Customized products, if not specified, apply to our wyma series product warranty regulations.

/  Pneumatic tool instructions
Oil (the pneumatic tools are in the best condition, please be sure to implement them daily)
(1) Please apply oil 3-5 times a day: the oil supply method is to inject 2-3 drops from the air inlet, let the tool idle for 3-5 seconds.
(2) Oil varieties: Please use #15 pneumatic tool oil
(3) In addition to the above-mentioned oil supply, the impact wrench is applied to the striker approximately once a month, and is oiled in the following manner:
● After removing the parts of the striking part, wipe off the old grease
● Apply a new amount of grease to the right amount (about 10-15 cc). If too much grease is added, the torque will be deteriorated.
Compressed air
● Clean and dry compressed air is necessary. Please remove the oil, water and quality in the air compressor and accessories. Please use a three-point combination (oil-water separator, pressure regulator, oiler).
● Please use according to the specific pressure requirements of each model. If excessive air pressure is used, the service life will be shortened and the cause of the malfunction will be caused.
Management on use
(1) Pneumatic tools are very sophisticated tools, do not bump or drop
(2) Do not run for long periods of time
Do not overload, to avoid danger

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