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Common Faults and Solutions of Wind Batch and Wind Pull-Wyma Pneumatic Tool

Common Faults and Solutions of Wind Batch and Wind Pull-Wyma Pneumatic Tool


Wyma pneumatic tool manufacturer has been engaged in pneumatic industry for more than ten years. Based on the understanding of pneumatic tools, a series of common faults and solutions of pneumatic tools are summarized for you. The following are the solutions to common faults of wind batches and wind panels.

One、 Common faults of air batch and windshield:

1. Insufficient Torsion

2. The motor does not turn.

Insufficient Torsion:

1. Inlet air flow is insufficient or foreign matter is blocked at the inlet filter.

2. Unable to work under pressure;

3. Blade wear is serious;

4. Cylinder wear is serious;

5. Serious wear of upper and lower cylinder heads;

6. Bearing embroidery or track wear;

7. Excessive wear and tear or fracture of impact bar and impact block under stress;

8. Lack of lubricating oil in the striking part.


Troubleshooting of Torsion Insufficiency:

1. If the air intake is insufficient, the diameter of the pipe needs to be changed. If there is foreign matter blocked at the filter screen of the air intake joint and cleaned up, the air intake test should be conducted.

2. Properly raise the air pressure;

3. Blades with deep grooves must be replaced.

4. Cylinder grinding groove is not smooth and needs to be replaced.

5. Slightly grinding the upper and lower heads of cylinders, as long as they are rotated and grinded with fine sandpaper on the flat iron or glass. If the wear is too large, a better cylinder head is needed.

6. Bearings of the same type need to be replaced for rusting and wear of bearing track.

7. When the corner of the joint point of the impact bar and the impact block is rounded or broken, the part must be replaced, usually the cam must be replaced together.

8. The strike group lacked a little lubricant.

The reason why the motor does not turn:

1. Impurities are mixed in the motor.
2. Blade breakage;
3. Bearing rust;
4. The clearance between the rotor and the cylinder head is too small, and there is jacking between them.

Dealing with Motor Non-turning Fault:
1. Remove the impurities inside the motor;
2. Clean the broken blades inside the motor and replace the new blades; replace the same type of bearings with rusty bearings; the clearance between the rotor and the lower head of the cylinder is usually readjusted; the clearance between the two should be kept as small as possible without friction.


Disassembly and assembly steps of air batch:

Usually there are two kinds of batches:

1. The front shell and the body are threaded;

2. The front shell and the body are fastened by four screws.

1. The special disassembly tool is loose clockwise. Counterclockwise is tight; the motor set can be removed.

2. It can be disassembled with an inner hexagonal wrench. If the hitting group fails, the hitting block and the hitting chamber can be removed only by disassembling the front shell. If the hitting rod is replaced, the hitting rod can be removed only by removing the self-locking head group. Usually the idling feeling is normal and the screw can not be screwed. The reason can be checked from the hammering group first. If the hammer group does not find any problems, remove the motor group for further inspection.

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