WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


The reciprocating saw can remove the topcoat efficiently and conveniently. It can remove foreign matter such as defects and particles on the surface. In order to provide better assistance for vehicle maintenance, WYMA endows the reciprocating saw with compact and lightweight design, which showcases very good performance. Since it adopts orbital eccentric vibration, it is not easy to cause accidental injury and excessive grinding, and no defects or particles are left after grinding.

The damper is easy to adjust as we figure out multi-stage air volume adjustment design, which ensures air volume is adjustable.

The rubber sleeve of the handle is of user-friendly design, which provides high grip comfort, and causes no fatigue after long-term use.

With lightweight structure and high speed rotation, WYMA reciprocating saws is the most ideal choice for the fine grinding industry. Comparing with the ordinary reciprocating saws, it features low noise and low air consumption.

WYMA introduced advanced technology, making it possible that the eccentricity is only 0.75mm. It is noticeable for low vibration, high balance and long service life.

It is suitable for die casting, stamping, trimming and chamfering deburring, and it can complete the general die-casting, honing and cutting of stamping parts, as well as the groove trimming and honing processing of various aluminum and copper materials.

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