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New WM-3120 Industrial Wind Batch

New WM-3120 Industrial Wind Batch


In June, Wyma pneumatic tools introduced the industrial grade WM-3120. After the trial of old customers, it is now warmly reflected. Manager Chen is a partner of Wyma Pneumatic Tools for many years. Every time there is a new product, he will introduce it to them at the first time. After more than a month of trying out the new WM-3120, Manager Chen decides to purchase large quantities of goods. What characteristics does the new WM-3120 Dafeng batch have to attract customers?

Why is WM-3120 popular?

1. The switch is a two-stage speed regulation: the first stage has low speed, which is convenient for screw positioning and ensures that the products are not distorted; the second stage has high speed and large torsion, which ensures that the screw is driven in at the fastest speed.

2. The shape design is more reasonable, beautiful and practical. The arc design of the handshake part is not easy to slide, and the grip is more comfortable and portable.

3. The internal striking part is improved, the design is updated, wear-resistant, long-term use is not fatigue, and the output power is stronger.

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