WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


With a lightweight pen-shaped design, pen grinder is easy to use with one hand. WYMA attaches great importance to improve the precision of the blade pneumatic pencil grinder which are safe and durable, guaranteeing high-speed rotation. Besides, we make sure they can adapt to high-speed precision machining. We carry out repeated revision on the internal design and use coreless vibration motor, so as to ensure long-lasting operation of the windmill pens. With R&D efforts, we design rear exhaust and belt silencer tube, making noise reduced to a lower level. They prevent chip scattering and are convenient for loading and unloading.

Conducting research in bearing knowledge for years, we decide to equip the windmill pens with four bearings so as to greatly improve concentricity while minimize vibration, and the result proves that it is comfortable for operation. In order to guarantee long-term durability, we carefully cast bearing base with copper.

The new stainless steel skewed rotor is adopted to reduce friction between the blade and cylinder, which help increase torque and effectively reduce vibration and noise.

With imported plastic material protection cover, it feels comfortable and will no numb the fingers.

WYMA pneumatic pencil grinder are suitable for precision grinding of various metals, including cleaning, chamfering, grinding, engraving, processing insides metals; welding surfaces polishing of plastic, stone, wood, etc.

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