WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


User comfort is important when using any type of tool and was a key consideration in the design of WYMA’s new pneumatic drills. For instance, they are equipped with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handles that provide operators with a firm and satisfying grip during drilling. The pneumatic drills also offer the highest level of ergonomic comfort that users have come to expect from WYMA tools. There is an easy-to-operate forward and reverse switch to facilitate drilling and reaming. Considering the long-term working conditions, we design durable ball bearing construction which is solid and can improve balance, which reduces vibration and ensures a long service life. What’s more, lightweight, composite housing design is easy to hold and withstands heavy duty action.

The air inlet and exhaust holes are designed with filter mesh to prevent foreign matters get inside the drill. Use this high quality drill for all your general purpose drilling, honing, reaming and hole sawing. WYMA economical pneumatic drills have fewer parts than its electric counterparts, meaning a less chance of breaking down and less maintenance and servicing required.

They are suitable for powerful hole drilling, milling cutter, steel brushing, brake cylinder hole and cut hole pattern operation.

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