WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


WYMA is specializing at producing lightweight pneumatic hat-pulling gun nail-pulling gun, and thus accumulates years of experience and tackles problems like convenient carrying and comfortable operation for the tool. The main body is made of high-quality synthetic materials, thus it has long-lasting service life.

The tools give out comfortable hand feeling during operation, as WYMA pays attention to the surface design of the tool by introducing high-quality rubber for handles. WYMA adopts corrosion resistant aluminum housing to prolong the trial life, and improves the working efficiency through spring circuit and air circuit and quick oil return design.

Understanding the demand of workers, we ensure that the tools produce low noise during operation, and are produced in line with environmental protection requirements. The tool is durable with long-term life cycle, requiring little maintenance as it has excellent performance. The tool allows the user to reach into corners or tight spaces with ease, so that it is suitable for versatile working spaces.

The pneumatic hat-pulling gun nail-pulling gun features corrosion resistant front parts that undergo quench polish quench process, which is the most outstanding feature WYMA offers.

The tools are applicable to air conditioner industry, luggage manufacturing, aluminum alloy installation industry, plastic steel door and window production and automobile assembly line.

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