WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


A built-in regulator in WYMA pneumatic sanders allows you to adjust the speed with which you work to satisfy your different sanding, polishing and waxing requirements, for quick and accurate results. The pneumatic sanders can be operated with one hand, highly reducing operators' fatigue while delivering the best performance. The tool comes with precision balanced motor which operates smoothly for greater comfort and control. What’s more, it reduces vibration and provides excellent performance.

The design makes it perfect for reaching smaller areas and tighter contours with less user fatigue. We adopt imported bearings, high-hardness cylinders to provide powerful power for high-speed operation of the tools. Unlike most orbit sanders, the WYMA pneumatic sanders extract dust and particles through and around the pad when it’s in use, keeping foreign matter away from the motor and helping to reduce severity of clogs.

WYMA is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of customers, through the innovative design of the highest quality pneumatic sanders. All WYNA portable pneumatic sanders are rigorously inspected and performance tested in our factory before shipping to our customers.

They are widely used in the processing of woodworking furniture, mechanical processing industry, rust removal, grinding of atomic ash, waxing of cars, finishing of flat surfaces, etc.

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