WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


These pneumatic screwdrivers feature precise torque control that is necessary for critical fastening applications involving metals, plastics or composites. These highly engineered fastening tools meet the demands for industrial performance, accuracy and durability. Well-balanced for good ergonomics, WYMA pneumatic screwdrivers take productivity to a whole new level. We build this kind of tools based on human-centered ideas and endow them with soft-start trigger for smooth operation and improved shock absorption. Our research team contributes to the innovative ergonomic designs, which add up to the longest lasting screwdrivers in the business.

We specially design a double hammer striking structure which undergoes high number of revolutions. It is especially suitable for high-yield industries, assembly line, maintenance of wood and motor, aluminum hardware processing, home appliances, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry.

In order to meet the requirements of mass production, WYMA has conducted professional heat treatment on the related components of the pneumatic screwdrivers to improve their mechanical properties. Therefore, the products are more suitable to work consistently long hours in the assembly lines. We also focus on the output torque of WYMA pneumatic screwdrivers, which can notably improve working efficiency.

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