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The windmill produce is of lightweight pen-shaped design, which can be easily used with only one hand. One of the most outstanding features of the windmill is rear exhaust and belt silencer tube, which can reduce noise to an extent.Ranging from 1kg to 20kg, the tools, lightweight and are convenient to carry. Besides, they can work effectively in small spaces. In order to achieve the user-friendly function, the wind guns are designed to have different power outputs for meeting different task demands. Pneumatic tools have a wide application scope, such as hardware assembly, mechanical fastening, textile machinery, aluminum machinery, wood furniture making, outdoor furniture making, automotive assembly, 4S auto maintenance, construction, shipbuilding and other fields. Main products are windmill pen, wind gun, pneumatic screwdriver. Besides main products, we also produce windmill pen, wind gun, pneumatic screwdriver, grinding machine, spray gun, gas shovel reciprocating saw, pneumatic butter machine, pneumatic angle mill, pneumatic sander, pneumatic drill, etc.  

Gun-Type Screwdriver 

Pneumatic Hood Gun

Pneumatic Butter Machine

Pneumatic Wind Cannon

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Haiyirong Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing pneumatic tools.We build pneumatic screwdrivers based on human-centered ideas and endow them with soft-start trigger for smooth operation and improved shock absorption. In order to meet the requirements of mass production, we has conducted professional heat treatment on the related components of the pneumatic screwdrivers to improve their mechanical properties.Proud of our strong technical team which provides all-around service and full maintenance from the most cost-effective point of view, from technical consultation to product mold development, from design and application to the selection of accessories.

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