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Tire disassembly master, 4S shop wrench - Weima pneumatic tool

Tire disassembly master, 4S shop wrench - Weima pneumatic tool


Wyma  Pneumatic Tools is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic tools, which develops, produces and sells pneumatic tools. Wyma Pneumatic Tools upholds revolutionary innovations according to the needs of customers and provides targeted products and services for different application areas.

Wyma  pneumatic wrench adopts double-ring hammer impact structure, strong and durable, stable strike, small vibration, spindle and impact block are formed with high nickel-chromium alloy steel, prolonging service life, stable use of time, positive and negative adjustment, easy adjustment of torque, choice of front exhaust and bottom exhaust, built-in muffler. Weima pneumatic wrenches are specially designed for 4S stores. Comfortable handles are easy to operate, low noise, high efficiency, double-ring impact structure, high stability, long-term use of torque stability.

Look, you can use this kind of wind wrench to change your tire at home

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