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Why does the pneumatic wrench always feel weak after a short time?

Why does the pneumatic wrench always feel weak after a short time?


Not long ago, a customer came to Wyma Pneumatic Tool Maintenance Department to ask if he could repair other brands of pneumatic wrenches. The repairman found that although the appearance of the pneumatic wrench was badly damaged, the parts inside were still new. Later, the customer said that the pneumatic wrench was not strong enough after two days'purchase, but because the appearance was badly damaged, the seller refused to change it. Because this kind of problem is quite common, Weima Pneumatic Tool Maintenance Department summarizes the following common reasons:

1. The residual water in the pneumatic wind plate; because there is water in the air compressor, the internal parts will be rusted if the pneumatic wind plate is not cleaned up after use.

2. Overload usage results in wear and tear of the hitting block; if the pneumatic wrench is used continuously for a long time, excessive air pressure will lead to wear and tear of the hitting block, which is much worse than when it was first purchased.

3. Wear of wind blade; wind blade belongs to fragile parts and is easy to wear.

4. The adjustment gear is not in place (the largest of the five); when using it, the adjustment gear is not used to control the intensity.

Wyma pneumatic wrench spindle and blow block are made of high nickel-chromium alloy with high hardness, which can reduce the wear of blow block and prolong the service life of wind plate. Weipneumatic wrench fittings are processed by precision instruments, and the heat treatment technology of windshield fittings is more demanding.

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