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Why is the grinder stuck or not grinding enough?

Why is the grinder stuck or not grinding enough?


Dust will be produced in the grinding process of the grinder. If maintenance and cleaning are not paid attention to, the accumulation of dust in the rotating parts will cause obstacles, block the rotor and blades, fail to work normally, or cause the phenomenon of insufficient output power.

It is suggested that professional pneumatic lubricants be added every three hours during daily use, which can clean dust and lubricate rotating parts. In addition, the lubricating oil can be attached to the surface of the wind blade and cylinder to protect the machine, reduce friction loss and prolong the service life of the machine.

In addition to dust, the air consumption of sand mill is 18 CFM, but we found that the company brought out the air pipe from the air source is 40MM water pipe, which is too small to provide stable air flow and air pressure. At the same time, the air pipe from 40MM pipe is smaller, only 6.5*10MM, which is too far to work outside 50M, so there is no air pressure and air flow at the work site. Provide enough. The abrasive mill can not operate normally, resulting in insufficient output power.

It is suggested to increase the size of the outlet pipe and increase the gas storage tank to ensure the constant pressure of the outlet gas source.

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