WYMA Pneumatic Tools 


The small pump head for butter machines WYMA produces consist of one-piece piston, combined pressure regulating valve, high pressure resistant seal, insert washer, steel accessories, metal pump body, and mesh casing. The one-piece piston is of great importance to the butter machines; therefore, WYMA adopts American origin rubber for better sealing performance of the piston. The insert washer is made of super hard metal material, which is characterized by premium shock resistance. By using this kind of material, we strive to expand the lifespan of the whole butter machine. WYMA is proud of designing air filter, one of the most outstanding features. The air filter can filter water effectively and prevent the corrosion of the parts, so as to improve the service life. We introduce TPU from Japan NOK or Taiwan DZ brand for high pressure resistant seal, guaranteeing the seal performance of the products.

Considering the versatile working conditions, excellent performance can be presented especially in cold and bad working environment.

It is suitable for injecting butter and serves as a pressure-increasing machine for lubrication stations, widely used in machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships and other industries.

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